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Snake Plant 'Robusta'
Snake Plant 'Robusta'
Snake Plant 'Robusta'

Snake Plant 'Robusta'


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Also known as mother in law's tongue, these upright broad-leafed plants are a popular option for lowlight areas! They can withstand basement quality light with no issues, and are also the top air purifying plant according to a NASA study. The infrequent watering schedule also makes it a good option for busy folks and frequent travelers! 

  • This version is known for it's dense/stocky foliage

Climate - Native to tropical areas in West Africa

Light - Bright indirect to low indirect 

Soil - Well-draining potting soil with heavy drainage, does well with succulent soil. Only repot in the spring if the plant has outgrown its pot

Water - Water every 2-3 weeks, letting soil dry heavily before waterings. Water every 4-5 weeks in winter

Humidity - Does not require added humidity, wipe leaves regularly to remove dust

Temperature - Typical indoor temperature acceptable, prefers temperatures above 50 degrees 

Fertilizer - Either top with compost every spring or use organic houseplant fertilizer twice every summer

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This plant only needs to be watered thoroughly once a month