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Think of us as your go-to friend, who is plant obsessed and is there to give you great advice.

REWILD is on a mission to make the 'rewilded life' a reality for our customers through experiences that feel as intentional and alive as nature.

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With What’s Left of This Summer, Give your Plants Some Extra Love!

We’re finally moving into the part of summer where soaring temperatures are beginning to ease, and you can finally enjoy some outdoor time.  And guess what?  Your plants are enjoying it too! We mi...

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Why “Overwatering” Isn’t What You Think It Is

The term “overwatering” simply does not tell the entire story of why your plant is struggling.  When we’re told we’ve overwatered our plants, we immediately examine our watering routine and try to ...

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A Closer Look at Fiddle Leaf Figs

Ever the interior designer favorite, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is probably as popular as it is… problematic?  If you’ve ever owned one (or killed one) you’ve known this to be true!   We’ve decided to ze...

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