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Gifts by REWILD

This is our holiday gift collection. Give the gift of REWILD this holiday season.

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Rattlesnake CalatheaRattlesnake Calathea
Rattlesnake Calathea Sale priceFrom $17.99
Scindapsus 'Moonlight'Scindapsus 'Moonlight'
Scindapsus 'Moonlight' Sale priceFrom $23.99
String of Hearts 'Pretty Pink'String of Hearts 'Pretty Pink'
String of Hearts 'Pretty Pink' Sale priceFrom $19.99
Sold outCast Iron PlantCast Iron Plant
Cast Iron Plant Sale priceFrom $79.99
Staghorn FernStaghorn Fern
Staghorn Fern Sale priceFrom $21.99
Digital Gift CardDigital Gift Card
Digital Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
Clay Cylinder PlanterClay Cylinder Planter
Clay Cylinder Planter Sale priceFrom $30.99

10 colors available

Clay Cylinder SaucerClay Cylinder Saucer
Clay Cylinder Saucer Sale priceFrom $9.99

10 colors available

Phalaenopsis OrchidPhalaenopsis Orchid
Phalaenopsis Orchid Sale priceFrom $29.99
Oncidium/Intergenic OrchidOncidium/Intergenic Orchid
Oncidium/Intergenic Orchid Sale priceFrom $32.99
Monstera deliciosaMonstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa Sale priceFrom $15.99
Rooms of the USBG CandleRooms of the USBG Candle
Rooms of the USBG Candle Sale priceFrom $23.99
Ponytail PalmPonytail Palm
Ponytail Palm Sale priceFrom $10.99
Snake Plant 'Zeylanica'Snake Plant 'Zeylanica'
Snake Plant 'Zeylanica' Sale priceFrom $11.99
Anthurium Sale priceFrom $20.99
ZZ PlantZZ Plant
ZZ Plant Sale priceFrom $17.99
Full Circle FertilizerFull Circle Fertilizer
Full Circle Fertilizer Sale priceFrom $19.99
Snake Plant 'Laurentii'Snake Plant 'Laurentii'
Snake Plant 'Laurentii' Sale priceFrom $13.99
Wood Plant StandWood Plant Stand
Wood Plant Stand Sale price$54.99
Hoya pubicalyxHoya pubicalyx
Hoya pubicalyx Sale priceFrom $16.99
Australian Umbrella TreeAustralian Umbrella Tree
Australian Umbrella Tree Sale priceFrom $29.99
Money TreeMoney Tree
Money Tree Sale priceFrom $17.99
Sold outPilea 'Silver Tree'Pilea 'Silver Tree'
Pilea 'Silver Tree' Sale priceFrom $8.99
Sold outWhale Fin Snake PlantWhale Fin Snake Plant
Whale Fin Snake Plant Sale priceFrom $32.99
Sold outVivian's MacrameVivian's Macrame
Vivian's Macrame Sale priceFrom $42.97
Sold outPlant Mister
Plant Mister Sale price$14.99
Sold outStreptocarpella 'Dancing Doves'Streptocarpella 'Dancing Doves'
Streptocarpella 'Dancing Doves' Sale priceFrom $8.99
In-Store ConsultationIn-Store Consultation
In-Store Consultation Sale price$75.00
Sold outMaterial Things Reservoir PlanterMaterial Things Reservoir Planter
Material Things Reservoir Planter Sale priceFrom $54.99
Sold outString of Hearts 'Silver Glory'String of Hearts 'Silver Glory'
String of Hearts 'Silver Glory' Sale priceFrom $13.99
Sold outMaterial Things Basket PlanterMaterial Things Basket Planter
Material Things Basket Planter Sale priceFrom $54.99
Sold outMaterial Things Tide PlanterMaterial Things Tide Planter
Material Things Tide Planter Sale priceFrom $51.99
Sold outMonitor Brass Soil ProbeMonitor Brass Soil Probe
Monitor Brass Soil Probe Sale priceFrom $29.99
Sold outAinsle Self WateringAinsle Self Watering
Ainsle Self Watering Sale price$38.99
Sold outString of HeartsString of Hearts
String of Hearts Sale priceFrom $15.99
Sold outPeace LilyPeace Lily
Peace Lily Sale priceFrom $11.99
Sold outHoya 'Tricolor'Hoya 'Tricolor'
Hoya 'Tricolor' Sale priceFrom $12.99
Sold outUmbrella Tree 'Gold Capella'Umbrella Tree 'Gold Capella'
Umbrella Tree 'Gold Capella' Sale priceFrom $29.99
Sold outHoya carnosaHoya carnosa
Hoya carnosa Sale priceFrom $12.99
Sold outWatermelon PeperomiaWatermelon Peperomia
Watermelon Peperomia Sale priceFrom $16.99
Sold outMud Handmade PlanterMud Handmade Planter
Mud Handmade Planter Sale priceFrom $24.99