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Peperomia 'Red Edge'

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Beautiful version of the classic Peperomia houseplant. Has wonderful dark oval leaves with red edges. Easy to care for and perfect for medium-bright light environments!

Peperomia leaves come in dozens of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Most often they are soft stemmed plants that form a low, bushy pile, but some may trail like vines or grow vertically on a semi-woody stem. Almost all benefit from yearly pruning, and they propagate easily from both leaf and stem cuttings. They typically like very strong indirect light with no direct sun, and should be watered moderately when almost dry. Exercise caution in the winter and err on letting them dry, during the cold months they are much more prone to hold onto their moisture and suffer from stem rot if constantly moist. All peperomia are non-toxic, making them a favorite for some pet owners.

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