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Peacesake Sanctuary Candle
Peacesake Sanctuary Candle
Peacesake Sanctuary Candle

Peacesake Sanctuary Candle


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Hand-poured into a heavy black-matte glass vessel and finished with a natural cork top. This candle offers a soothing and graceful glow.

Cotton core wicks, phthalate-free fragrances, and essential oils were used to make this candle.

  • Burn time: 30 hrs

  • Made of 100% all-natural soy wax

  • 8.5 oz recycled black-matte glass vessel

  • Natural cork top for protection from dust/debris

  • Vegan and PETA certified cruelty-free

  • Ships in 1-3 Business Days

  • Peacesake donates $1 to The Navajo Water Project for every candle purchased from the Sanctuary line

Eucalyptus & Birch - A bright and rejuvenating blend of eucalyptus, mid notes of enlivening pine and birchwood and a warm and grounding base of cedar.

Neroli & Musk - An uplifting blend of orange blossom, petitgrain, and bergamot top notes, with a heart of neroli, amber, and jasmine, and a grounding base of musk, cedar, and sandalwood.

Currant & Amber - An elevated blend of red and black currants cloaked with warm and dreamy mid notes of jasmine blossoms and a base of amber, black tea, and tonka.
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Plant Care Tips


Water thoroughly once a week and make sure that is in a humid environment!


Normal, can take most conditions with indirect light