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Silver Variegated Calathea

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This interesting calathea has silver variegation and a subtle iridescence in their leaves. THe backs of their leaves are a light burgundy, making this plant stunning from any angle!


Climate - Native to tropical regions of Brazil

Light - Bright indirect to medium indirect, never direct. Verigated varieties can withstand less light and prefer shaded conditions.

Soil - Well-draining potting soil with peat moss

Water - Water lightly weekly keeping soil evenly moist, let top inch dry before watering. Very sensitive to fluoride, prefers filtered water.

Humidity - Likes increased humidity, use pebble tray or light misting

Temperature - Typical indoor temperature acceptable, prefers temperatures above 65 degrees 

Fertilizer - Fertilize sparingly during growing season with ½ concentration houseplant fertilizer 

Plant Care