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Alocasia wentii
Alocasia wentii
Alocasia wentii

Alocasia wentii


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Alocasia are known for beautiful large and delicate leaves with interesting patterns. A wonderful plant that is always losing a leaf and gaining a leaf. A welcome addition to any plant family! 

Alocasias, like their Colocasia and Caladium cousins, are commonly known as “Elephant Ears.” Their prominent, shield-like leaves boast an array of uncommon textures and colors, and rare varieties are sought out by collectors. Alocasias are more challenging than some other members of the Arum family, with their love of high humidity, a growth habit that typically sees a maximum of 3-5 leaves on each tender stem, and a less forgiving nature. They tend to like strong indirect light with maybe some morning direct sun, and do best when watered well and then allowed to dry almost completely.

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This plant needs to be thoroughly watered once a week in spring and summer and every other week in colder months.


Normal, This plant can adapt to many light conditions as long as it is not directly in the window