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Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'
Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'
Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'
Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'

Aglaonema 'Sparkling Sarah'


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Aglaonemas owe their widespread popularity to their high tolerance of low light and the variety of colorful patterns on their leaves. Most are tender-stemmed plants that keep a relatively low, bushy appearance, although very mature specimens may have a semi-woody stem. Like most members of the Arum family they like high humidity, to be watered well, and to get almost completely dry before their next watering (and typically need much less water during winter months). These plants are often grouped with Snakes and ZZ Plants as the most low-light tolerant of commonly found houseplants, and they should avoid direct sun.

The 'Sparkling Sarah' cultivar is distinguished by patches of red and white speckles on the leaves, and the care is typical for the genus.

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This plant only needs to be watered thoroughly once a month