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Article: Your Exhaustive Gift Guide of Plants

Your Exhaustive Gift Guide of Plants

Your Exhaustive Gift Guide of Plants

It’s hard to go wrong when selecting a plant as a gift! Plant have been proven to promote a sense of calm, wellbeing, and even promote productivity- who wouldn’t want more of that? At worst, they last longer than a floral arrangement. And at their best, well, they can grow to hit the ceiling, or even become a mother plant for many clippings. So if at this point in the season, you’re still searching for the perfect gift, look no further.

We like to think of ourselves as matchmakers between plants and people, and we maintain that there’s (at least) one plant for everyone out there. But we know that there’s a lot to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down the best plants for the following kinds of people in your life to whom you’re looking to spread some plant love.

Total Rookies

These are some of your foolproof options that are quick hits.

Work Friends

The presence of plants in the workspace has been proven to increase productivity, so if you’re looking to score some points with your colleagues, plants are a great bet.

  • Succulents require so little care. With a sunny spot, they’ll thrive on almost total neglect, meaning your team mate or boss can enjoy them passively, and not worry when they get too busy to water. Plus aren’t they just so adorable?

  • Buuuut as we know, the cubicle isn’t always bathing in sunlight. Enter, the ZZ Plant. It can thrive in a variety of light conditions, and requires very infrequent waterings.

  • Pothos are a popular office pick, as they can thrive in LED lighting, and grow long vines which can be easily propagated and shared with the whole team!

Fancy, artsy, designer friends

This category can be the hardest to shop for, so we’ve got you covered.

  • Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, but they always seem to have this sleek, sculptural quality to them, and can enhance any interior design layout.

  • There’s a lot of variety amongst Hoyas as well, but we like the kind with elegant vines. Plus, if you treat them right, they’ll bloom for you!

  • Scheffleras have beautiful, radial leaves, and come in all kinds of unusual shapes and sizes. They’re often seen as easier alternatives to the Ficus.

Pet Owners

We’ve got a lot to say about to pet owners about selecting the right plants and maintaining them when you’re also caring for your four-legged friends. But for those of you shopping for people with pets, there’s a few easy go-to plants to consider that are totally non-toxic to pets.

  • We’ve been known to carry unusual varieties of Ferns, which are a popular choice especially during the winter time.

  • Same goes for Hoyas, which are even easier to care for, letting your friends focus their energy on their pup or kitten.

  • And once again, our friend the Cast Iron Plant has shown us that it’s not only nearly indestructible, but a safe option for furry friends.

And finally, your plant lovers and plant collectors

And particularly the ones you like A LOT because these designer rare plants have a price tag that matches their scarcity.

  • The Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail has pristine leaves that undergo beautiful fenestration as the plant matures.

  • The Philodendron Pink Princess is truly the crown jewel of rare plant collectors. It has an unusual mutation that causes pink streaks through the leaves.

  • Can you guess what gives the Philodendron Gloriosum its name? Its majestic leaves have a stunning velvetty texture with prominent white veins.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

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