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Article: Easiest Plants to Design With

Easiest Plants to Design With

Easiest Plants to Design With

We have a number of clients who opt for plant consultations because they’d like to see more greenery in their homes, but they aren’t entirely sure where to start. Many don’t have much prior experience keeping houseplants, or they’ve had some failures in the past, and this time they want to invest in their plants success while achieving their ideal interior aesthetic. 

The good news is, we don’t have to throw any curveballs at them.  Anyone can have a home filled with uncommon greenery that’s easy to care for. Plants really aren’t challenging once you’ve got the hang of them! 

But if you look up easy houseplants online, you’re bound to find the usual suspects: Snake plants, Pothos, Succulents. And no shade on these reliable options! But we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t offer a few of our more treasured items in our collection.  You’ll notice one thing that all these plants seem to have in common. Read on to find out what that is!


Scheffleras come in all shapes and sizes: they can be small tabletop greenery as well as large trees. They come with both large tropical leaves (Acintophylla) or small round leaves (Aboricola) and all kinds of colors and varieties therein. 

They tend to grow upward, making them a space efficient plant with high visual impact, and they lend great texture to a space. Best of all, they are drought tolerant and somewhat flexible on degrees of ambient light, tolerating both some direct light as well as limited indirect light. 


There’s an Aglaonema for every occasion. This plant is a great way to infuse color and pattern into a context where someone might opt for a flowering plant but doesn’t have good enough light to support it. They’re especially useful for areas with more limited light, making them a great bathroom or bedroom plant. And what’s better? They’re also quite drought tolerant and can go weeks without watering - perfect for clients who travel. 


Peperomia is another valuable asset for areas that could use a little pop of texture or color. Their sculptural, radial shape makes them great table toppers, counter plants, and shelf plants. They hold water up in their bodies and use it efficiently over time, much like succulents, but they don’t require as much direct light. As an added bonus, they’re also nontoxic to pets, and the propagate really easily. 


There’s no other plant that gives you verdant greenery and height without taking up a good amount of lateral space. Most of us have an empty, narrow nook or corner in our house we’re looking to fill, and the Dracaena is the perfect plant for the job. Some of its varieties thrive well in lower light, while others thrive well in relatively better light that are ideal for window spaces. And once again, drought tolerant as always. 


These vining plants are super ideal as hanging plants near windows as well as for shelves that could use cascading greenery. There’s a variety in shape and texture of the leaves, but all of them have a structured, almost sculptural quality. They have a sophistication that your typical tropical vines seem to lack. And if you treat them really well, they’ll bloom! These plants enjoy ample light, and, you guessed it, they can withstand periods of drought.

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