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Article: Create a Miniature Landscape in a Terrarium

Create a Miniature Landscape in a Terrarium

Create a Miniature Landscape in a Terrarium

There’s a reason people love Terrariums!

At REWILD, we want to make it easy for you to learn and create Terrariums at home.

What is a Terrarium?

A Terrarium can be defined as any clear receptacle in which plants are growing in a soil-based medium. Terrariums truly began as a happy accident. In 1829, a London-based Physician named Nathaniel Ward was studying the chrysalis of a Sphinx Moth in a closed environment, when unbeknownst to him an errant fern spore made its way in and began to grow. The discovery that plants could thrive in a sealed environment prompted experimentation with other plants, and eventually allowing for the safe transport of plants across seas in sealed glass cases.

At REWILD, we prefer to focus on the Desert Terrarium. Terrariums, if assembled correctly, are meant to be easy to maintain. While a tropical terrarium requires a more expert level of moisture/light balance, a desert terrarium assembled with Succulents and Cacti can simply be placed in a sunny spot and left to sit dry, save for the occasional watering ( we recommend twice a month in the spring and summer, and once a month in the fall and winter).

Our goal in assembling this terrarium is to mimic a desert environment. Many of the elements we use are to create proper drainage and prevent against the growth of harmful bacteria due to an excess of moisture.

How do I assemble my Terrarium?

  • Start with a glass container with an opening wide enough through which to comfortably fit your hand.

  • Start with a drainage layer of stones

  • Add a layer or sphagnum moss.  This helps regulate the moisture level of the soil to prevent overwatering.

  • Add enough soil to accommodate the whole root ball of the plant (everything that comes out of the plant’s pot!

  • Pick a couple plants.  Be sure not to crowd too many plants in the space, as you’ll want some room on top of the soil to decorate. Note: if you opt for a thorny cactus, have one of our staff help you out!

  • Tamp down the soil to compress the roots.

  • Add some decorative elements to the top of the soil!  Moss, shells, coral, sticks, etc- make it your own!

We can now offer virtual terrarium instruction for groups via Zoom. Inquire at for details.

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