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Hoya kentiana
Hoya kentiana
Hoya kentiana

Hoya kentiana


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Beautiful long, narrow, and oval shaped leaves over 3" long. A very special plant and easy to care for plant! And it can flower!

Hoyas are a popular genus among collectors, and deservedly so. They’re hardy vines with woody stems that are easy to propagate, are more drought and high-light tolerant than most tropical plants, sport leaves with a variety of shapes and sizes, and when they’re happy they may reward you with globes of sweet smelling flowers. They thrive in strong indirect light and some direct sun, such as the left side of an east-facing window. Keep them potbound, water them thoroughly, and let them dry out thoroughly. Flowers will continue to rebloom from the same peduncle, so take caution when pruning.

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This plant needs to be thoroughly watered once a week in spring and summer and every other week in colder months.


Normal, This plant can adapt to many light conditions as long as it is not directly in the window