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Article: Moss Pole 101

Moss Pole 101

Moss Pole 101

Many species of houseplants can benefit from the introduction of a moss pole into their pot; most notably the Monstera! I often get questions from concerned plant parents about a mature Monstera, that they have typically had for six months to a year, that is splaying in every direction or flopping over from its own weight. Typically these concerns are that the plant is dying or sick, when in reality this is an indication that the plant is healthy and happy. All it needs is a little support to look its best and continue to thrive!

When evaluating your plant to determine whether or not a moss pole is helpful, you should consider the type, maturity, and growth potential of your plant, as well as your design goals and any size/space restrictions.

Moss poles are support structures that are used specifically for tropical vining plants, meaning any plant that creeps along the forest floor, or climbs up and over trees in its native habitat. It's important to know your plant’s botanical name so you can determine where it is from and what it’s natural growth patterns are. For example, most Monsteras are sold in what looks like a ‘shrub’ form, when they are actually a vine. Over time the plant will grow aerial roots and seek a support to climb. If it does not receive it, it flops over. Enter moss pole

Other plants that could benefit from a moss pole are Philodendron cordatums, rhaphidophoras, Philodendron ‘Swiss Cheese,’ pothos, and even hoyas!

A moss pole can be introduced at any point in a plant’s maturity, however it is best to wait until the plant has grown enough and put out aerial roots so that it can be trained up the pole. When selecting a stake you should consider how tall or large the plant can get and what makes the most sense for your space. In addition to helping support the plant, moss poles are also excellent solutions to managing growth and size of your plants, so your Monstera doesn’t take over your living room!

We’re now offering custom moss poles as an item on our website. Check them out here!

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