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Orchid Arrangement

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Inspired by floral bouquets, these Orchid Arrangements are house-assembled with mosses and complimenting foliage in rosey pink and blush bowls.  Unlike cut flowers, these bouquets will last well beyond February (care instructions are included!)

Delight Arrangement: One Phalaenopsis Orchid with decorative mosses in a 4.5" bowl. 
Joy Arrangement: One Phalaenopsis Orchid with a complementing foliage plant and decorative mosses in a 6.5" bowl. 
Euphoria Arrengement: One Phalaenopsis Orchid with two complementing foliage plants and decorative mosses in an 8.5" low bowl.  

Note: Our designers will be using the best elements on hand to craft these unique arrangements, so the exact color and shape of the bowl may vary, as will the colors of the Orchids and foliage used.  Feel free to include any preferences in the notes and we will do our best to honor them with what materials are available to us.
Orchid Arrangement
Orchid Arrangement Sale price$63.99

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