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Agave 'Porcupine'
Agave 'Porcupine'
Agave 'Porcupine'

Agave 'Porcupine'


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Beautiful, unique Agave with extremely intricate and detailed patterns!

 are New World succulents known for their tolerance of arid and sun-drenched conditions, even among succulents. Their fleshy leaves come in hues ranging from deep green to powder blue, and may be accompanied by spines. Although they tend to be slow growing in the home, Agave can become extremely large. They can also produce very large flower spikes that extend to many times the height of the plant. Give Agave as much sun as you can, and water moderately when they’ve dried out completely.
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This plant only needs to be thoroughly watered once a month in spring and summer, every two months the rest of they year.


Normal, be sure to check soil moisture before watering