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Calathea 'Furry Feather'
Calathea 'Furry Feather'
Calathea 'Furry Feather'
Calathea 'Furry Feather'

Calathea 'Furry Feather'


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It's called the Furry Feather for a reason! These deep green and purple leaves are so soft, it brings a new meaning to "plants are the new pets."

are the most commonly found plant in the Maranta group, and are well known for their wide array of vibrant colors and patterns. They prefer to be kept moist, are very sensitive to humidity, and benefit from misting or grouping closely with other plants. They like strong indirect light and can tolerate some morning direct sun but can burn and dry out easily with stronger light conditions. While Calathea is still the most commonly used name for them, officially they are classed under the genus Goeppertia. They are a part of the Marantacae family which also includes marantas, stromanthes, and ctenanthes.
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Water very thoroughly once a week at the same time every week. This plant loves consistency.


This plant requires a lot of care. Leaves can burn easily if you are not careful with sun exposure.