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Red Maranta
Red Maranta
Red Maranta
Red Maranta

Red Maranta


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Also known as the prayer plant, this beauitful leafy green plant loves to move up and down with the sun!

Maranta refers to both a genus of plants and a larger family of plants, which include Marantas, Stromanthes, and Goeppertias (formerly Calatheas). Like their cousins, Marantas like very high humidity and are prone to crisp edges if the air is too dry. They prefer to stay evenly moist and don’t want to dry out completely, making them a popular choice for self-watering pots. They prefer very strong indirect light without direct sun. Grouping them closely with other plants often helps maintain humidity and filter strong light. They are a tender stemmed plant that tends to keep a bushy shape, although mature stems may tip over, giving the plant a semi-trailing look.

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Water very thoroughly once a week at the same time every week. This plant loves consistency.


This plant requires a lot of care. Leaves can burn easily if you are not careful with sun exposure.