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Custom Moss Pole
Custom Moss Pole
Custom Moss Pole

Custom Moss Pole


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Do you have a Philodendron, Monstera, or other vining plant that is outgrowing it's current pot and would love something to climb up? Let us create a custom moss pole especially for your climber!  Plants with aerial roots will take amazingly to a sturdy moss pole, which encourages larger, more fenestrated growth!

Choose from several sizes of moss pole and indicate at check out if you’d like to bring your plant in to our store for us to install, or deliver and repot the plant in your home for you! 

Since every order is custom made, please give us 3 days minimum before scheduling your pickup or delivery. If you select in-store pick up, you can come to one of our locations to install yourself, or bring your plant in for us to install in-store. If you select delivery, please let us know in the order notes what type of plant and how big of a plant we will be installing the moss pole for so we bring all the appropriate supplies!

12" moss poles are reccomended for 4-6" plants
24" moss poles are reccomended for 6-8" plants
36” moss poles are recommended for 8-10” plants
48” moss poles are recommended for 10-14” plants

Please ensure that all items added to cart are from the same location.