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Snake Plant 'Lauren'
Snake Plant 'Lauren'
Snake Plant 'Lauren'
Snake Plant 'Lauren'

Snake Plant 'Lauren'


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This version of the classic houseplant has sprawling pale yellow leaves with light green variegation through the center. A really warm plant that will light up any room!

Snake Plants are well known as one of if not the most low-light tolerant and drought tolerant of houseplants. When in low light situations they like a light watering when the soil is completely dry, often every 2-4 weeks. Very often they can actually tolerate very high indirect light and even some direct sun, but in these situations they will require much more water. They enjoy being pot-bound and often look best in a tight pot, which accentuates the verticality and architectural look of their sword-like leaves. Snake Plants are also commonly known as Sansevieria, the genus they occupied before being reclassified as part of the Dracaena genus. 

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This plant only needs to be watered thoroughly once a month