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Dawe's Aloe
Dawe's Aloe
Dawe's Aloe
Dawe's Aloe

Dawe's Aloe


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Beautiful easy to care for desert plant. Needs lots of sun but can tolerate a little bit of shade! Perfect for bringing that desert vibe indoors.

Aloe are a New World succulent often typified by their stemless, rosette shaped growth habit and fleshy leaves (although some may expose a thick stem over time). They enjoy lots of direct sun but are also among the more forgiving and low light tolerant of desert succulents, although they will not thrive in those conditions. Aloe grow in a variety of sizes, with some growing to several feet high and wide and others staying compact throughout their lives. They propagate prolifically with pups growing around their base, and flower easily, producing small flowers at the end of a long, simple stem. Aloe are drought tolerant and don’t like to stay moist for extended periods, although when given ample sun they can be quite thirsty during the growing season. Like most succulents they prefer to stay relatively potbound.
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Drought tolerant. Water every 2 weeks indoors during growing season, water once a month the rest of the year.


Normal, this plant can accept many conditions